Mon Health CEO: We tried to reach a deal, we are offering jobs

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Mon Health president and CEO David Goldberg says negotiations to keep the Fairmont Regional Medical Center were encouraging, but a deal could not be reached.

“We had discussions about what their needs were long term and what we could do,”Goldberg said,”We offered some options, they were not what Alecto was was looking for, and that’s fine they have to run their business the way they need.”

On WAJR’s Talk of the Town Goldberg explained one of the challenges in reaching a deal.

“The Building has some physical plant issues, I was concerned about what they would look like for us,”Goldberg said,”And what obligations it would take Mon Health to step up and maintain that.” .

Goldberg made it clear their outreach to the Fairmont area has ongoing for quite some time.

“From a clinical perspective, we’ve been in long conversations about trying to bring doctors down into Fairmont, and weren’t able to progress as fast as they needed to be able to sustain operations,”Goldberg said,”But, that doesn’t mean we’re not going to stop bringing services closer to home.”

Mon Health recently announced the construction of an 8,000 square foot facility in the Technology Park in order to offer healthcare services.

“We’re building right there in the Technology Park, we’ve been negotiating and we were able to settle on a parcel that our out developer will rent,”Goldberg said,”We’ll build an out patient facility, and we’re still moving full steam ahead on that, nothing will change.”

Goldberg understands the shock the 600 people must be feeling, but he says all of the healthcare facilities in the area are hiring. Mon Health will hold a job fair at the Fairmont Knights of Columbus on Monday, February 24 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“No one there at Fairmont that thinks they’re going to lose their job needs to worry about not finding one, in any position,”Goldberg said,”Yes, we’re doing job fairs onsite, we have one at the Knights of Columbus this week. They can go to our website apply for a job and you’ll get one.”