Mon Power puts Pierpont grads to work

FirstEnergyFAIRMONT, W.Va.— Mon Power, a subsidiary of First Energy Corp., has hired eight new graduates from the Power Systems Institute training program.

The training program is the result of a partnership between Mon Power and Pierpont Community & Technical College established in 2012. It is part of the company’s efforts to enhance service reliability for West Virginia customers. The two-year program is a way to train future employees to take over as current employees get ready to retire.

“We need to get some fresh blood in, and we need to get those people in before all of the skill leaves out the door. So, they can work shoulder to shoulder with these men and women who have been doing the job for years, and they can transfer some of that knowledge,” said Todd Meyers, First Energy Corp. spokesman.

Students in the program spend 2 1/2 days a week completing course work at Pierpont. The rest of the week, they are at a Mon Power training facility in White Hall, W.Va. Meyers told WAJR the program is not easy to complete, but those who finish are almost guaranteed a well-paying job within the company.

Meyers also emphasized the importance of training local employees.

“When a storm blows in and takes the system down, we have to have people right in your neighborhood; right nearby able to get out there at a moment’s notice.” Meyers said.

Meyers said each applicant is physically evaluated before training begins. Candidates must also be able to qualify for a CDL liscense, as well as have some mechanical skill.

“We try to find out up front who would make the best candidates. Once you get into the school, it’s demanding. It’s certainly doable for someone who is dedicated and wants to do it.” Meyers stated.

He said the employees are at the heart of all Mon Power does. “If you don’t have dedicated employees that are up to speed on how to do the work and, more importantly, how to do the work safely, then you don’t have much.”

The 2nd graduating class from the Mon Power and Pierpont program includes:

Keith Baker of Terra Alta, Joshua Coffman of Belington, Tyler Dolan of Spencer, Gregory Hawkins of Morgantown, Corey Mann of Mount Clare, Nathanial Metz of Burnsville, James Twyman, II of Bridgeport and Travis Stemple of Morgantown.

Meyers said he expects the program to continue for years to come.

For more information about the program, you can call 800-829-6801or go to