Municipalities, Mon County leaders set collaboration meeting for this week

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Commissioners in Monongalia County and Morgantown leaders will hold the first of what officials hope will be many more collaboration meetings Wednesday. Commissioner Tom Bloom said this meeting is an extension of coordination meetings that occurred during the pandemic between the city administration and the county commission, on WAJR’s Talk of the Town.

“We have actually nine topics, the first ones are broadband and airport commerce just to explain what’s going on,” Bloom said,” So, we’ll have Russ Rogerson and MAP (Morgantown Area Partnership) there.”

The agenda for the meeting will include roads, social services, the sober center, recreational facilities, tourism and spending federal coronavirus relief money.

“The flooding issue- I’ve contacted MUB and they should be coming,” Bloom said,” We have a proposal in front of us about Pompano Run which could help solve some of the problems there and I think everyone should hear it.”

Many homes and businesses were flooded June 13 when more than three inches of rain fell in short period of time. MECCA 911 officials continue to work with the Department of Homeland Security for a disaster declaration as a result of that event.

There are many opportunities given the potential leverage of combining a portion American Rescue plan money on projects that would benefit city and county residents. Over previous meetings with the city administration common goals have been identified that could also create a common growth plan.

“I believe there is the opportunity now. We need to do this for the community,” Bloom said,” I think COVID has brought us closer together and for that we have the basis to move forward.”

In addition to Morgantown and county officials, the invitation has also been extended to surround municipalities. Much like the broadband expansion plan underway by the commission, officials want to progress in unison across the county.

“Star City, Westover and Granville- each one has their own interests, but we need to start pulling together,” Bloom said,” I think it’s very apparent that if all five cities don’t com together we’re not going to be able to compete nationally.”

The meeting will be available to the public, but the meeting will not be open to public comment. According to Bloom, officials want the time to address topics important to developing a future relationship.

“We will all be sitting down discussing issues,” Bloom said,” It will be streamed live, so anyone in the public doesn’t have to come here to see it. But, it isn’t for public input, it’s for the city and county to discuss issues.”

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 22 at 6:30 p.m.