Morgantown police arrest 23-year-old accused of sexually abusing 70-year-old woman

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The suspect in a sexual abuse case in Morgantown is in custody after a downtown foot chase.

Theodore Gibbs, 23, is accused of forcing himself on 70-year-old woman on April 25.

“There was a relationship with a family member of the victim and the assailant at one point in time. So, they knew each other,” explained Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston. “Following the report and investigation, the officers were able to obtain an arrest warrant.”

Gibbs, who has no permanent address, has been in trouble before Preston said.

“This is the first thing of this caliber and magnitude that he has done obviously. But, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the capacity to do more. So, right now, he’s in custody.”

Police spotted Gibbs Friday afternoon near Wall Street and University Avenue.

He’s familiar to law enforcement.

“He has been arrested not solely by our police department. He has a criminal history. He is known to law enforcement. We were able to locate him quickly and get him off the street,” Preston said.

When approached by police, Gibbs ran.

A foot chase ended at the Chestnut Street parking garage where Gibbs was arrested.

Gibbs was scheduled for arraignment Friday evening on a charge of first-degree sexual abuse.