Morgantown Police Chief: First week for WVU students was fairly quiet

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – During the first week West Virginia University students were relatively well behaved, according to Morgantown police Chief Ed Preston. Preston reports a total of 2,300 calls for service from August 15 to Agust 25, down 394 calls from 2018.

Preston in comparison to a non-student week calls were up about 30-percent.

During the weekend Preston said DUI offenses spiked late Saturday into Sunday, “We had three DUIs probably within two blocks of each other. We had one on Fayette Street near High Street, we had one on High Street near the Metropolitan Theatre and then we had one on Spruce Street at Walnut Street.”

Two more serious arrests were on Sunday, August 25.

A “John Doe” was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing officers at Waterfront Place and Wayne Fasig, 33, of Masontown, was arrested for domestic battery on the Rail Trail near the Arboretum.

Preston noted that there were few drug violations during that time, “There were very few drug offenses that were on there. There was a couple possession charges and they’re handled with citations, they were just minor marijuana possession charges.”