Morgantown woman arrested after two pursuits with police

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – A Morgantown woman is facing charges following multiple encounters with law enforcement.

Police report the first contact with Jessica Bittinger, 40, on December 12 during a welfare checkup at a Sheetz location off Grafton Road. Bittenger was unresponsive in the driver’s seat, with drug paraphernalia in her hand.

When the police got Bittinger’s attention, she put the car in reverse and fled. Police curtailed that pursuit on Grafton Road after Bittinger reportedly crossed the centerline multiple times.

The police determined the car he was in was a rental that was not registered in her name.

The following Monday, Dec. 18, officers responded to a report of shots fired in the Sabraton area near Montrose Avenue.

During that investigation, police again found Bittinger unresponsive behind the wheel of a different vehicle.

Again, Bittinger fled after waking up to Earl L. Core Road and ultimately to Declers Creek Boulevard, then to Green Bag Road, with speeds exceeding 60 miles per-hour.

The pursuit continued on Route 7 to Tyronne Road toward Cheat Lake, while Bittinger crossed the center line several times.

Bittinger’s escape was ended when a Granville police officer deflated all four tires with a stop stick near Greenway Avenue.

Bittinger continued on flat tires, disregarding a stop sign, and turned onto Cheat Road.

Despite attempts by police to block and stop her, she continued and struck at least two police cars before stopping near the Storage Inn on Cheat Road.

Police said drug paraphernalia and drugs were found in the car during the investigation.

Bittinger faces multiple charges relating to both incidents.