MUB asks Cheat Lake area customers to voluntarily conserve water

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. Due to an abnormally dry spring, officials from the Morgantown Utility Board (MUB) are asking customers in the Greystone, Falling Waters, and Lakeview areas to voluntarily conserve water.

Due to the conditions, General Manager Mike McNulty said Thursday that the single pump used to supply that area was not able to keep pace with demand.

“We have added an additional pump that wouldn’t run at the same time into the mix, and we’re pumping about 100 more gallons per minute now,” McNulty said.

As of Friday afternoon, McNulty said use has plateaued, but the continued hot and dry conditions will continue to stress the system.

“We’ve sent messages to the customers in those areas saying we’d like for them to conserve all weekend if possible,” McNulty said.

At least through the weekend, McNulty is asking residents to put chores and recreational activities for the weekend on hold.

“Watering lawns, washing cars, pressure washing, and filling the pool,” McNulty said. “If everyone could refrain from doing those types of things, it would be a big help.”