New parking regulations in Sunnyside and Wiles Hill

Morgantown LogoMORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Two more areas of Morgantown have been turned into permit-only parking districts.

Renters and property owners will notice repainted curbs in Sunnyside and Wiles Hill.

Blue curbs indicate a permit parking area. Yellow curbs indicate a no parking zone. The city has signs up as a reminder.

Vehicles without a permit are not authorized to park in the Sunnyside district Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Property owners must obtain their allotted three parking permits for each of their structures from the Morgantown Parking Authority.

Tenants must reach out to landlords about permits.

Congestion and requests from residents sparked the parking changes.

The new regulations will be strictly enforced beginning Sept. 1.

You can see a map and read more on the City of Morgantown website.