No comment from Morgantown officials, MUB on licensing agreement

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Negotiations between Morgantown and MUB are ongoing for the licensing agreement as part of the 30″ raw water pipeline construction through a portion of White Park.

MUB officials have held several public meetings to discuss at least eight alternative routes since the project was halted in May of 2019. Since May, MUB has incorporated several changes proposed by the city, BOPARC and the Mon Valley Green Space Coalition in order to satisfy environmental concerns.

On Wednesday, October 9 MUB released the following statement to WAJR News:

We respectfully decline to answer specifics regarding the issues still being negotiated. Those issues, or their resolution, will become clear and publicly disclosed soon.

Clearly, we have not achieved an agreement as soon as had been anticipated. That does threaten to even further delay our contractor’s return, and the schedule for resumption/completion of construction is becoming highly uncertain.