NWS Confirms Tornado as Part of Wednesday’s Storms in Upshur County

QUEENS, W.Va. — The National Weather Service has confirmed an EF1 tornado touched down briefly within a small community in Upshur County Wednesday night.

Surveyors made this determination while evaluating the scene in Queens Thursday morning as residents worked to clean up the damage.

The tornado reached top speeds of 100 mph with a maximum path width of 150 yards and length of 1.9 miles.

The areas hit hardest were Tallmansville Road and Canyon Ranch Lane, where witnesses said the weather event began at approximately 7:15 p.m. and lasted a short time, perhaps only one minute.

“I was actually scared cause I’ve never seen nothing like this before in my life,” said Herron, laughing slightly. “But it was–there was some wind. I can tell you that.”

Herron said one minute the sky was black, but the next minute everything seemed back to normal.

“I seen it kind of raising my porch roof–just raised it–but it didn’t come off at the time,” said Kenny Herron, who lives in Queens. “So I got back into the house and kind of got back into the rooms a little further. I was looking out the window, and I just see debris flying by the window. It was over after a minute or so, if that long.”

Eventually the roof over his porch did come off.

“My roof was gone,” said Herron. “Half my shingles were ripped off. Trees were laying down. Stuff all over the place.”

Already, neighbors and residents were clearing uprooted trees and other debris from their yards.

“We got pretty good neighbors,” he said. “We’ve been helping each other.”

The NWS confirmed that a storm approached the area at this time as it was weakening, but rapidly –and at this time, inexplicably– gained strength.

Some structures were damaged as trees fell and uprooted. However, no homes or businesses were completely destroyed and the roads were clear as of Thursday morning.

No human injuries were reported, but one dog was killed while another was pinned by debris and had two of its legs broken.