Online assignments might be an option on Monongalia County snow days

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Sleeping and lounging around on snow days may be going the way of cassette tapes and fax machines and Monongalia County.

The board of education is exploring the idea of utilizing online lessons on days when the weather forces school closures. According to Assistant Superintendent Donna Talerico, the online instruction would keep students connected to the learning environment and the online lesson could take the place of making up the snow day later in the year.

“We would meet the intent of the 180 days but five of those days could be converted to this possible online learning opportunity,” said Talerico.

The school board discussed the idea during its most recent meeting and agreed to include the proposal as part of its 2016-17 calendar survey that parents and students can access and offer feedback.

“That survey will be operational through next Monday, because we do want input from all of those stakeholders,” Talerico asserted.

Talerico explained the idea is not a new concept, previously packets could be sent home with students to complete on snow days, but now with the new Engrade system, students can now access content online.

“That lets families access assignments, grades, and we have the available to all of our students.”

The program is still in the developmental stages but soon, snow days may not be the day off for students they once were.