Peaceful Easy Boparc Feeling

Desert Highway Band

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.– BOPARC held its latest event of their Sounds of Summer Fun Series last Thursday evening with Desert Highway, an Eagles tribute band. The band is currently on tour and said they were glad to come to Morgantown.

 “I’ve never been to West Virginia before. It’s really pretty here, and the mountains are beautiful. I’ve met a lot of really nice people so far,” said Larry Lippman, a lead vocalist and drummer for Desert Highway. He also mentioned the band hoped to return to Morgantown someday.

Desert Highway is just one of the many free concerts provided by the BOPARC Sounds of Summer Fun Series. Joe Kaehler, the entertainment and facility manager of BOPARC said the concerts help with community interaction.

 “It brings the community out together. Entertainment makes Morgantown a lot more fun, and a lot more pleasurable to be in. It gets people in our parks.” Kaehler said.

 “I think it’s just the greatest thing. It gives you a chance to get out in your community and see all of the work being done, and all of the improvements to different things in Morgantown,” agreed Tina Harman, a concert attendee. 

 She also told WAJR that she loved being able to just come and watch the show without buying a ticket. “You just walk in off of beautiful High Street and you can sit down and listen to an Eagles concert.”

 Kaehler said that the community benefits in more than one way from the events. He said it has been studied that over a million dollars comes to the downtown area from performing arts.

 “You kind of have to look at it and say ”What if it weren’t here?” When I started here eleven years ago there were two restaurants downtown. Now there’s eleven.” Kaehler stated.

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