Plans for the future of Lakeview Golf Resort unveiled

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Washington D.C. businessman, Sameer Ailawadi has purchased the Lakeview Golf Resort and will officially close the transaction on December 12.

Ailawadi says he plans to repair the roof on the 40,000-square foot fitness center, including a renovation and upgrade of the facility.

“The guest rooms, the ballrooms, the carpeting and bedding we plan to change those things,” Ailawadi said,”The golf courses have a good reputation and are fairly well-maintained, but if needed we’ll make the investment.”

Ailawadi says the Lakeview Golf Resort name will stay, but there could be changes in the future.

“The name Lakeview we want to keep, that’s a name that is a legacy, it’s been around for more than 50-years,” Ailawadi said,”What we are considering is soft-branding it, we don’t know whether that happens or not, but we are exploring a few different options where the name Lakeview stays and the property is associated with a national brand.”

The property sold at auction in September of this year for $2.25 million and Ailawadi says he plans to make an equal investment in the property.

“I think it’s public knowledge, what the property sold for,” Ailawadi said,”We expect that we would spend about the same amount for investment into the property.”

Ailawadi says the final decision will be made after the first of the year. But, he says they want to keep the look and feel of the current facility.

Currently he says room reservations can be made online for hotel stays or ballroom events after December 12.

Ailawadi says the resort will be operated year-round and he plans to keep current employees that reapply for the jobs and are hired.

Ailawadi operates eight other properties in Pennsylvania and Maryland.