Plea deal in the works in 2012 FCI Hazelton murder

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Two former FCI Hazelton inmates accused in the 2012 murder of an inmate are working through details of a plea deal with federal officials.

Ruben Laurel, 41, and Michael Owle, 31, are accused of stabbing another inmate to death, Anthony Morris Dallas, 31, in August of 2012. Another inmate was assaulted during the attack.

U.S. Attorney Bill Powell indicted the pair in May of 2018 for aiding and abetting first degree murder and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Laurel has agreed to a plea deal, but it contingent on Attorney General William Barr eliminating the possibility of the death penalty. Owle’s has not been able to meet with his legal team yet to review the deal.

Laurel is serving 294 months for being part of a cocaine distribution conspiracy in Tennessee. He has also been charged with other violent drug related offenses while behind bars. He was scheduled for release in June of 2027 before the additional charges, including the murder case.

Owle was convicted for robbery by force or violence while carrying and discharging a weapon in May of 2008. Owle has also faced charges for assaulting a correctional officer and another inmate. Owle’s original release date was September of 2032.

Laurel is now serving time at U.S. Penitentiary Tucson. Owle is now being held at the highest-security prison in the nation, U.S. Penitentiary Florence.