Prosecution Rests in Carter Trial, Defense Begins Thursday Morning

FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — The prosecution has rested in the trial of Thomas Gene Carter Jr., charged with sexual assault, sexual abuse, kidnapping, and robbery relating to an incident along the White Oaks Rail Trail in Oak Hill last summer.

The prosecution and defense used most of the day interviewing and cross-examining two expert witnesses–a forensic expert and a biological expert specializing in identifying blood and other liquids.

Much of the morning session was spent on submitting and providing credibility for the mountain of physical and DNA evidence that the state believes will help them prove the case.

The defense has taken a more conservative approach during the early portion of the trial. In Tuesday’s opening statement, defense attorney Scott Steanton reminded the jury that Carter is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Carter was arrested last June after a woman was attacked along the White Oaks Rail Trail in Oak Hill. It’s alleged that she was attacked suddenly, bound with rope and tape, and was sexually abused.

Carter allegedly threatened to kill the woman, but she was able to escape when he seemingly abandoned her.

The man facing these charges lived in the nearby Briarwood trailer park.

The trial resumes at 8:30 Thursday morning.