‘Recycling pays’ on Morgantown demolition project

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – A recent contract for demolition work at the Morgantown Municipal Airport comes with a refreshing difference- the contractor, Dilliner, Pennsylvania-based Safeco Environmental, Inc, will pay $500 for the opportunity to do the work.

Airport director Jon Vrabel says the T-hangar structures are part of the original airport configuration.

“The old T-hangars are about 80 years-old. they’re no longer being used,”Vrabel said,”A couple years ago we built a new T-hangar facility on the property, on the east side of the property, opposite of the terminal building.”

Vrabel says the buildings are in disrepair and have a plethora problems making it cost prohibitive to remodel, but in this case that’s a good thing.

“The buildings are all steel and the steel is very high quality due to the age,”Vrabel said,”When you look at reusing that steel, it has a value. So, we’re actually being paid to take the buildings down because of the value of the steel.”