Residents support Hunters Helping the Hungry

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Mountain State hunters are encouraged to donate to the Hunters Helping the Hungry program with either cash or venison. Over the last 28 years more than 1 million pounds of venison has been donated to local food banks.

Administrator Judy Channell says hunters can drop off legally harveted deer at one of 17 processors throughout the state.

“The Mountaineer Food Bank picks the meat up and pays $2-per-pound for processing,”Channell said,”They take it back to their distribution center and it’s distributed to over 550 feeding programs in all 55 counties of the state of West Virginia.”

Channell says last year 685 deer were donated that totaled more than 31,000 meals for residents.

“Venison is low-fat, nutritious and it’s healthy,”Channell said,”So, it’s a great opportunity to help the needy folks of your state.”

Channell says many people who love to hunt, but not the meat take advantage of the program every year.