Sabraton Snake Found in Pennsylvania??

SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, PA – Almost ten months ago, the legend of the “Sabraton Snake” was born when Morgantown Police Department issues a warning that a 15-foot python had escaped in the Sabraton area. Despite attempts to locate the snake, no sign of it was ever found.

On Thursday, 220 miles away from Morgantown, Police in Springettesbury Township in York, PA were shocked when officers were dispatched to a report of a large snake in a wooded area. When officers arrived, the found a 15-foot python dead.

Springettesbury Township Police have no idea where the snake came from or had long it had been there.

Officials say it is impossible to know if the snake found in York, PA is the legendary Sabraton Snake. Pythons generally will not leave an area if they can find food, water and shelter with in a 10 square meter area. While unlikely, it is possible the snake could have made the gradual journey to Springettsbury.

The owner of the python that reportedly escaped in Morgantown, Shane Stevens, was cited for allowing an animal to run at large. An arrest warrant was issues for Stevens in September when he failed when he missed his court date.