Star City municipal election ballot taking shape

STAR CITY, W.Va. – Star City appears to have it’s candidates set for their upcoming municipal election.

Not long after the conclusion of the town’s candidacy application period on Sunday, ten candidates were announced to be running for various posts within Star City Council.

Star City’s current Mayor, Herman Reid, will be running for reelection unopposed pending potential mail-in applications. The same is happening with Star City’s current Recorder Steve Blinco, who will also be running unopposed.

For the five spots on Star City Council, eight candidates will be running for chance to be at the table with two of them looking to keep their seats. Current council members Sharon Doyle and Todd Gregg, will be running for reelection while Dale Brown Sr., Lynette DeChristopher, Grant Dovey, Gregory Epps, Tina Talerico-Iquinto and Cindy Baniak-Ulrich will be running for council seats as well.

Mail-in candidate applications are still being accepted by those filled out and postmarked by January 30 and will announce any changes to races. Star City’s election is scheduled for June 8.