Sundale updates COVID-19 numbers

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Chief Health Officer from the Sundale Nursing Home in Morgantown, Dr. Carl Shrader provided a COVID-19 update Tuesday afternoon.

Thirty days ago, Dr. Shrader says they had 33 COVID-19 positive cases, 21 residents and nine Sundale Nursing Home employees and three Odyssey staff.

“Of that group 15 of them right now are negative for COVID-19 and 14 of them remain positive,” Dr. Shrader said,” And unfortunately we’ve had four deaths.”

Two of those residents are being treated at Ruby Memorial Hospital.

The initial count was not separated by residents and staff according to Shrader.

Since, three employees and three more residents have tested positive for COVID-19.

Following a retest this week Shrader provided a case update from the beginning, and including any new cases added.

“Thirteen residents are positive, six residents are negative, one result is pending and we’ve had four deaths,” Shrader said,”Nine staff are negative, one result is pending and five are positive.”

In response to the governor’s order to retest all staff and residents at Nursing homes, Shrader says they have a plan.

“I feel very confident we have a process worked out where all employees and all residents of the nursing home can be rescreened byt the end of this week,” Dr. Shrader said.

Dr. Shrader says testing, good hygiene and following CDC guidelines are important parts of remaining safe.

“The screening that we do this week is good for that moment in time,”Dr. Shrader said,”We know COVID lives in this building and everyday anyone comes through that door is at a repeat risk.”

“I think it’s important for us to reassure our families and our community that we will continue to be transparent,” Dr. Shrader said,”All the imformation we have we are getting out as timely as we possibly can.”