Suspects enter pleas in 3 high profile criminal cases in Monongalia County

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Suspects in three high profile criminal cases in Monongalia County have hearings set for March.

According to the prosecuting attorney’s office, two men accused in an armed robbery and another accused in a murder entered not guilty pleas in court Wednesday.

Darrell Burford, 45, was charged in the beating death of Brian McGraw, 35, in December.

He plead not guilty to second-degree murder in circuit court. The brutal fight was on Kirk Street near University Avenue Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Also in circuit court Wednesday, two men accused of an armed robbery at West Run Apartments plead not guilty to multiple charges.

Isaac Barker and Justin Knisell were the suspects in a robbery investigation that led Monongalia County deputies to a Morgantown apartment to find them. Resident David Romanoski was shot and killed during the search for the suspects.

An investigation continues into that shooting although an internal sheriff’s department investigation found no wrong doing by officers. Deputies indicated Romanoski was approaching them with a loaded shotgun when he was shot.

Burford, Barker and Knisell were before Monongalia County Circuit Court Judge Russell Clawges.

They are scheduled back in court March 15.