Suspects in 2014 Clarksburg shootout set for mid-July trail date

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The trial of two men accused in a shootout that took place in Harrison County last summer is on pace for a mid-July date.

Donald Richardson Jordan, 26, appeared in court Tuesday before Harrison County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Bedell for a Status Conference, while co-defendant Willie Dukes was absent due to his attorney dealing with a personal matter.

Assistant Prosecutor Traci Cook and Jordan’s attorney Holly Turkett –who was appointed to the case approximately three weeks ago– agreed that July 15 would be an adequate start date for what is presumed to be a three-day trail.

In August 2014, Jordan allegedly opened fire on his uncle, Dukes after an argument near a residence in Clarksburg the two were living in when Jordan moved from Columbus, Ohio. Dukes would return fire.

Dukes and his daughter, who was searching for Jordan with him, were taken to the hospital from the scene after being shot multiple times.

Jordan fled on foot but was later arrested by authorities, who found $4000 separated into $1000 stacks and various drugs including cocaine and pills on him.

Dukes was arrested after being released from the hospital due to a prior conviction, which prohibits him from possessing and firing the .357 magnum witnesses report he did.

The two are being tried together after a grand jury indicted them on four counts of wanton endangerment involving a firearm, one count of brandishing a deadly weapon, one count of assault during the commission of a felony, one count of malicious assault and two counts of intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Motions leading up to the trail were given a June 25 date for submission and July 2 date for responses by Bedell on Tuesday.