Third Ward write-in candidate talks Morgantown issues

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Ixya Vega, a native of Chicago, came to Morgantown for an education and now she wants to be a leader in community as a councilor from the Third Ward. Vega will be a write-in candidate in the April municipal election.

On WAJR’s Talk of the Town, Vega said she was not really politically active growing up, but that changed as the election approached and she decided to take the write-in route.

As the pandemic wanes, Vega wants to make sure everyone has a voice for positive change.

“Making sure that we come back to some sort of new normal, but a normal that is growing with the people of Morgantown,” Vega said,” Making sure that everybody has a space so we can make some real concrete and intentional change.”

Vega is concerned about public safety and supports the proposed citizens police review board.

“Typically people of color and low income folks and other minorities are put into more danger,” Vega said,” So, I just want to make sure everybody is safe in Morgantown and we can do that by making sure everyone is being held accountable.”

Vega is a write-in candidate so her name will not appear on the ballot. Voters must write her name on the ballot to cast a vote.

“I feel like it would be foolish of me to say I’m not going to sign something with voice of 300 folks behind it,” Vega said,” So, I think it’s really important that I’m uplifting voices that probably haven’t been heard before.”

“I have this energy and I’ve worked in the community for a while,” Vega said,” I definitely think the community should be worked by people who have been working it and are willing to put in time and most importantly listen and continue to learn.”

Here are some key election dates:
Apr. 6 – Voter Registration Deadline
Apr. 14 through 24 – Early Voting
Apr. 27 – Election Day