Thrasher says Justice needs to apologize for ‘thug’ comment

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Republican challenger for governor in the Mountain State, Woody Thrasher was a guest on WAJR’s Talk of the Town and responded to Jim Justice’s “thug” comment during a girls basketball game this week.

Thrasher says that’s not the kind of language the governor should use.

“The governor, I think should apologize, when you mess up you need to apologize,”Thrasher said,”I think that’s the right thing for him to do. not to justify his actions.”

Thrasher adds Justice could be much more effective for the citizens of West Virginia if he were focused on working for the people.

“His enthusiasm should be going towards solving the states’ problems, it’s terrific that people volunteer to coach our youth,”Thrasher said,”But, quite frankly he’s got bigger fish to fry, he’s got all the citizens of West Virginia that are depending on him to be at work everyday to work on our multitude of problems and he just doesn’t do it.”

He says Justice has lacked direction and holding people accountable within his administration.

“A perfect example is, we need to discuss this drug issue,”Thrasher said,”One-thousand days in office before the governor even mentioned it, promoted a program for recovering addicts to get jobs, which is great, but totally inadequate for a comprehensive view of the problem.”

Thrasher points to the efforts to restructure the state tax code and maintain roads as unorganized, poorly planned and not properly communicated to fellow lawmakers and citizens.

“I don’t have a burning desire to be governor, I have a burning desire for West Virginia to go in the right direction for the first time in decades,”Thrasher said,”And I have no confidence this governor is going to this in the right direction, and that’s the only reason I want to be governor.”