“Try This West Virginia” To Host Faith-Based Healthy Lifestyle Conference in Buckhannon

BUCKHANNON, W.Va. — “Try This West Virginia” will host a faith-based program to encourage healthy eating and fitness on October 3 in their ongoing battle against obesity, diabetes, and the myriad health issues facing the Mountain State.

“I think all of us who are concerned about our children and their future are thrilled that churches are interested in coming together to be part of a growing movement of West Virginians who want to knock this state off of the top of the worst health lists,” Director Kate Long said on the MetroNews-affiliated “The Mike Queen Show” on the AJR News Network.

If you’ve ever been to a “Try This” event, you’ll recognize many of the work shops they are offering. But what sets this apart is the arrival of numerous different denominations coming to the table to find out how they can lead the charge in their communities.

Long and “Try This” have long stood by the need for a team-effort to overcome the mountain of health issues facing West Virginia.

“The good news here is that a lot of these diseases can be prevented if we get our kids moving,” Long said.

Exercise is a big part of the equation, which is why the workshop will explain a faith-based “Couch to 5K Run” and how you can bring one into your community.

Long said adding exercise into our diets is more important than ever in West Virginia–citing a decrease in the type of blue-collar jobs that often inadvertently provided physical activity.

“Back in the days when we worked real hard and were out in the fields, coal mines, and hammering and so forth, we worked off a lot of that,” Long said. “But in modern life, we sit a lot.”

Healthy eating is also part of the equation. The conference will discuss eating “God’s food” as opposed to eating food that’s made in a plant.

“The main problem has been processed food,” she said. “Food that is manufactured and has a lot of additives to it that hurt our health.”

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