UPDATE: Morgantown officials offer new rock slide information

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Morgantown officials have released additional information regarding the Monday rock slide on Monongahela Boulevard.

Officials say Susan Cramer, 65, was driving the car struck by the boulder. Cramer is being treated for several broken bones and internal injuries. Cramer is recovering following surgery.

A total of nine riders were extracted by members of the Morgantown Fire Department from the PRT car. It is believed the PRT car struck a rock that had fallen on the tracks. All nine were transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital for treatment and their condition is not known.

The Morgantown police Department is conducting the vehicle investigation while the WVU Police Department is investigating the PRT car crash.

Investigators are interviewing several witnesses.

City officials say DOH enginieers, WVU engineers, city of Morgantown staff and the Monongalia County Emergency Management are conducting a review of the hillside, PRT tracks and roadway.