Williams will seek 80th District House seat

MORGANTOWN – With new legislative districts solidified, current legislators are considering their options for 2022. Delegate John Williams, D-Monongalia, plans to seek a fourth term in the House in the newly created 80th District in Monongalia County.

Delegate John Williams (D – Monongalia, 51)

“I’m excited to be running for re-election in the newly created 80th District,” Williams stated Tuesday on WAJR’s Talk of the Town.

“Being a guy who grew up in Suncrest with strong ties to the communities of Star City, Granville and Westover, those are my people and they are who I want to represent,” Williams said

Williams currently serves in the 51st District with four other delegates. Next year, for the first time the state will be divided into 100 single-member House districts. On the recently approved House map, the 80th District will encompass an area that includes includes three municipalities: Star City, Granville and Westover as well as the unincorporated areas of Osage and Suncrest.

“With my history of working with groups of people and bringing them together, I view that as a fantastic opportunity to work amongst these municipalities and how they work with the county as well.”

None of current delegates in Monongalia County’s 51st Dirstrict will have to face a primary challenge from another incumbent, leaving the possiblity that Democrats Barbara Evans Fleischauer, Danielle Walker and Evan Hansen as well as Republican Joe Statler could be re-elected.

However, Monongalia County will get a sixth delegate next year, leaving an open seat up grabs, mostly likely in the 78th District that includes the Brookhaven area.