Winter Weather Posse prepares to help seniors; must request help this week

wajr_plugMORGANTOWN, W.Va. – One day every fall volunteers help senior citizens get ready for cooler temperatures.

It’s a 10-year tradition of the Winter Weather Posse in Monongalia County.

“I don’t think any of us ever really had a big plan that we’d still be doing it in ten years. But, it has taken off,” said organizer Eleanor Green. “Every year we’ve done more homes and had more volunteers. And, we expect this year is going to be the biggest one yet.”

Last year, 250 volunteers worked at 75 homes across the county.

“We will rake and bag leaves, trim shrubs, weed out the flower beds. A normal sized home we can certainly climb up and clean the gutters,” Green explained.

When the posse first formed and since that time, the Morgantown Fire Department has been instrumental in helping volunteers have the training and tools they need to work on a senior’s in-home safety measures like smoke detectors.

“We install them if they need them. If a home either heats or cooks with gas, we will install carbon monoxide detectors. We change the batteries to make sure the person has a fresh set of batteries,” Green listed. “Our goal is to make sure every senior citizen that we can help is prepared to get ready for winter.”

The Winter Weather Posse, working on donations, provides services for free.

“We try to weather strip front doors and back doors. We caulk windows and put plastic up. We’ll do all the things that people do to get their homes ready for the winter,” she added.

Stipulations to qualifying for help are somewhat lenient. But, according to Green, they prioritize help for senior citizens 65 and older with no friends or family who can help. Residents throughout the county could be eligible for the assistance.

The deadline to reach out for help is Friday, October 16.

Green can be contacted at 304-685-7658 or [email protected].

The work day is planned for October 31.

Donations are welcomed.