WVU student files suit against fraternity, nightclub

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – A 20-year-old WVU student has filed a lawsuit against a fraternity, one its members and a now defunct downtown nightclub accusing negligence and sexual assault.

In the lawsuit, the victim alleges Pi Lambda Phi held a private event at Blaze, now closed, in Dec. of 2021. The event special was $1 dollar shots which the lawsuit states is a business model used to sell high volumes of alcohol. Additionally, the suit alleges the event did not comply with the WVU Center for Fraternal Values and Leadership requirement of one alcohol monitor per every 15 guests.

According to the legal filing, the victim became very intoxicated and knocked a tower of wooden blocks over because she could not maintain her balance. Further, it states neither the fraternity or nightclub workers offered any type of care.

When the victim and fraternity member who invited her became separated, another member of the fraternity took her to his residence and raped her.

The lawsuit accuses Blaze and two managing partners of one count of negligence, one count of negligence against the fraternity and one of its members and accuses another member of sexual assault and battery.

The victim is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, plus pre and post-judgement interest, attorney fees, costs, and such other and further relief from the court.