WVU students face sanctions over COVID conduct violations

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU officials have placed 17 students on probation for COVID-19-related violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

On MetroNews Takline, dean of students Dr. Corey Farris says investigations began after reports were received from local police agencies and some anonymous reports from students.

“We started meeting with those students on Wednesday and continue to meet with others that pop up on our radar screen through those reports,”Farris said.

An additional 15 students could face action if the investigation determines they were responsible for the gatherings. Another student with a history of COVID-19 conduct violations is scheduled for a hearing and could be suspended or expelled.

“Some of them, quite frankly, have been on porches, not related to fraternities or sororities, but weren’t masked or physically distancing,”Farris said,”They were less than the group of 25 and we’re still trying to get that message out.”

Officials will continue to follow tips from law enforcement and community members to stop a potential outbreak from happening.

“Do that ongoing monitoring, so before we have an issue we can attack it head on to isolate or have others self-quarantine,”Farris said.

Despite the actions of these students Farris appreciates the majority of students who are following the guidelines to keep the largest university campus in the state as safe as it can be.

“All of us want to get to November 24,”Farris said,”To do that everyone has to take precautions wherever they are.”

Before that date, Farris says they want to get the proper message out to all community members as the September 12 home football game against Eastern Kentucky University approaches.

“How do you gather safely and physically distance? Do you move the TV outside? Do you continue to wear masks? Is it convenient? No.,”Farris said,”But, we’re trying to keep our community safe and our students safe, so we’re going to continue to message that, we’re not saying you can’t get together, but, here’s how you do it safely.”