Access road at Morgantown airport could open at the end of the month

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — City leaders are hopeful to open the 14 million dollar access road at the Morgantown Municipal Airport before the end of the month.

That project was nearly 5 years in the making after changes in city leadership. Friday on Morgantown A.M., assistant city manager Glen Kelly explained

“It was a big investment. It’s something we see as a long term investment that’s going to bring back revenue for the next 50 years.”

The access road leads to the new National Guard Readiness Center.

Kelly said the city has funded a major portion of the project, but there was help along the way.

“$1.96 million came from Senator Byrd in an earmark. Of course we sold the old armory property from the land swap for $3.55 million. And, the city put in the rest of the $9.5 million dollars,” Kelly calculated.

The annexation process is underway for the 95 acres and road. That should be completed by July 21.

A proposed runway extension project would take 3 to 4 million yards of cubic earth to bring useable acreage from 95 to 300.

The access road and another proposed project on property adjacent to the airport is awaiting approval from the Secretary of Defense.

“The other thing we’re trying to work out is the runway extension which would take 3 to 4 million cubic yards of earth. Instead of 50 acres useable on the 90 acre business park side, we

envision up to 300 acres of usable property,” said Kelly.

That vision includes new hangers at the airport. The city has been consulting with the Air Force Reserve training group to organize the runway extension work and the land development surrounding it.