Carbon Monoxide Leak Causes Trinity Christian to Close Facilities

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A carbon monoxide leak at Trinity Christian School has lead to a shutdown and several students sent to the hospital.

The leak was discovered at the school’s main building Tuesday afternoon according to a statement by Trinity Christian School officials. The building was evacuated after the discovery of the leak and all the evening’s activities were officially cancelled afterward. Approximately thirty students were also sent to Ruby Memorial Hospital after the incident and school officials are advising parents to monitor their children for symptoms related to carbon monoxide exposure.

“The source of the carbon monoxide leak was identified and the issue has been resolved,” said Trinity Christian School Administration in a statement released Tuesday evening.

The statement also announced that Trinity Christian School would be reopening their doors on Wednesday, operating on a two-hour delay schedule, to allow time for the fire department to check the building.

“The safety of our students and staff is our utmost concern,” said Trinity School Administration in the closing sentence of the statement.

No official update on the children sent to the hospital has been released.