Clarksburg City Manager, Mayor Support August 22nd Levy Vote

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — An upcoming vote on renewing the Clarksburg capital improvements levy will have big implications for city infrastructure and upkeep of the Waldomore Hotel if not renewed, according to Mayor Cathy Goings and City Manager Martin Howe.

“This is major infrastructure for the residents here,” Goings said during the MetroNews-affiliated “The Mike Queen Show” in a joint interview with City Manager Martin Howe. “We have horrible winters, and our streets just got beat up tremendously this year. It’s imperative that people get out and support this levy.”

Renewing the levy, which is up for vote on Saturday, August 22 would not increase current taxes. The excess levy rates are 12.5 cents for every $100 of assessed values on residential property and 25 cents for every $100 of assessed values on commercial property. Those numbers will not change for the 15-year-old levy.

“To me, one of the key features of this levy is the street paving because we’re in dire need of upgrading our streets and our bridges,” Goings said. “And everybody knows. Just drive around town and you can realize how important it is to make those infrastructure improvements.”

The levy will provide around 2.4 million dollars over a five year period, beginning July 2016, for street and alley milling and paving, sidewalk improvements, and bridge improvements.

“We highly hope that citizens do see the value there and approve it,” City Manager Martin Howe said. “There will be an additional half a million each and every year thereafter. We really increased the paving to make an impact.”

Funds in the levy will also be appropriated for the upkeep and improvement of the Waldo Hotel. The money used in the levy will go towards electrical issues.

“That’s a landmark that people come to see from all around, and if we don’t keep that up then it’s going to become run down and no longer be an asset to our city,” Goings said.

Additionally, levy funds will be used to purchase five new police cruisers on a yearly basis, fire department turnaround gear, and park system upkeep.

Absentee voting continues through August 17th. Early voting runs from August 10-19.