Communication key for Morgantown city council

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.–¬†Following Tuesday’s municipal elections, members of Morgantown City Council have agreed on at least one issue. There needs to be better communication on council if the city is going to move forward.

Bill Kawecki and Nancy Ganz were elected to their second terms on council while Ron Bane was re-elected fending off a challenge in the first ward. Jay Redmond was elected in the sixth ward while Jenny Selin, Wes Nugent and Marti Shamburger were unopposed. Just 1,521 ballots were cast in Tuesday’s election despite more than 17,000 registered voters in Morgantown.

“There are some important issues that are community is talking about and will be discussed in the coming term and I think the pathway to an improved Morgantown starts with council itself and improved communication,” stated Nugent on Wednesday’s Morgantown A.M.

Kawecki echoed those thoughts adding that different perspectives can provide critical information to finding the best ways to solve issues facing the city. Mayor Jenny Selin wants to see council not only work on relationships within council chambers but reach out into the community and work on communicating better with everyone from residents to state legislators.

“We all have our own individual opinions and we have to hash that out in public and what I is that is really important to keep my cool when certain people are really, really volatile in chambers,” asserted Ganz.

Redmond is the new face on council and hopes to add his own unique style to council.

“Balance is part of representative government. So, if we all think alike, that’s not good for anybody,” said Redmond. “I’m sure we’ll find a way to work together.”