DOH shares update and what’s ahead for 2020

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – All the work isn’t done yet, but the DOH is making progress in Monongalia County and District 4. After averaging about 25 miles of road overlay per year crews completed 61 miles in 2019.

Now, Route 7 from the Preston County line to Morgantown has been paved and ditched, storm sewer repairs near Coopers Rock, pedestrian safety improvements and ditching throughout the district.

On WAJR’s Talk of the Town, District 4 supervisor Darby Clayton reminded residents about the Safety With Action Today program(SWAT) Motorists can complete an online form or call their district office to report problems and emergencies.

“We should respond to that within seven days to come out and see what’s going on,” Clayton said,”We’ll actually come out that day if it is an emergency situation and make repairs as needed.”

Clayton also provided updates on major projects like the Mileground Road contract.

“The Mileground is delayed but we’re moving forward with it, the Arnettsville Bridge is about a $1.3 million project that’s going on right now,” Clayton said,”The Coopers Rock to Goshen Road I-68 cable guardrail project, it’s almost a $9 million dollar project.”

Clayton also said recent repairs to Chaplin Road made a big difference during a multi-car crash on Chaplin Road during wintry conditions last week.

“We partnered with the Mon County commission and did an improvement project to pave all the way to the Mylan Park Aquatic Center,” Clayton said,”We did some drainage improvements, slide repairs and installed alot of new guard rail and we’re thankful the new guardrail was in place to keep people from sliding over the hill.”

Clayton expects the Mileground Road project to pick up momentum.

“There’s been delay in acquiring the right-of-way for the project and we’re in the process right now,”Clayton said,”There will be meetings later this month to move the project forward, but we are behind.”

Clayton says residents will see busy work crews coming in the spring.

“We’ve got a project on Route 7 near Blacksville worth about $750,000, the lighting project on Mon Boulevard, we have a little more than $1 million in sidewalk work on University Avenue.”

Clayton says plans are being finalized for 2020 paving program and slide repairs in addition to the other projects.