Harrison County Delegate calls on Evans to step down

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Tens of thousands have signed a petition calling for the removal of freshman House of Delegate member Derrick Evans following his actions at the US Capitol Wednesday.

Evans live streamed himself entering the building with a mob of protesters that disrupted the electoral process and led to the deaths of a police officer, an Air Force veteran and three others. Evans said he there as a journalist documenting history.

On WAJR’s Talk of the Town, District 28 House of Delegates member, Republican Ben Queen issued a statement Thursday calling for Evans to step down immediately.

“What rubbed me the wrong way was he deleted his video and submitted a response saying he was there as part of the media,” Queen said,” That’s when I took offense, Delegates should not be acting like that.”

If Evans does not resign all signs point to a to expel him from the House of Delegates. Two-thirds of members would have to vote in favor in order to expel Evans.

“That’s the constitutional duty we that we all have- there will be a vote,” Queen said,” If 67 people vote for his removal it will go and if it doesn’t I will try my best to work with Derrick.”

Queen openly questions Evans claim to be an independent journalist and says his actions are not acceptable.

“I do not think that live streaming and yelling ‘Go Trump’ or anything he was saying is justifiable to be a member of the House,” Queen added.

According to Queen, the actions were criminal and part of the behavior that continues to divide our state and country.

“I do not think Derrick did a very honorable thing, I do think it was a crime,” Queen said,” I do think attempting to move this state forward as a young person and as a Republican we all need to be on the same team, we not to be not fighting these extremes.”

The House of Delegates will convene Wednesday and it is likely the proceeding to remove Evans could begin.

“I would assume he would present his evidence and speak before a vote and we’ll have a vote,” Queen said,” If he’s expelled I wish him nothing but the best, but we’ll replace a new member from Wayne County.”