High Street assault victim elects not to press charges

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – One of the victims in the High Street assault weeks ago has elected not to press charges in the case. The victim has told police the disagreement with the other party has been settled.

A video of the incident shows a group of people surrounding a vehicle parked outside of The Bank Bar. In the video, a female can be seen opening the passenger side door, throwing several punches, then dragging a woman out of the car by her hair. The assault continues in the street as the victim lies on the ground taking several more punches. Eventually, the victim is able to make it to the car and the driver is able to pull away as the crowd appears to pummel the sides of the vehicle.

The Uber driver, Vincent Kang was hit and punched while the crowd did an estimated $1,500 in damage to his car. Kang was able to fight off the attacker while he believes someone else pulled the individual away.

It is not known if Kang will press charges in the incident.