Monongalia Co. school board members hear UHS student concerns

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After an organized protest on school grounds Monday, members of the University High School student body spoke in front of the Monongalia County Board of Education Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Students and parents expressed concern about consistency in staffing.  A math teacher recently announced his resignation.  His last day is Friday.

In April, 67 members of the UHS faculty senate gave their principal a no confidence vote.

he concerns were expressed about happenings in the school over the past year. This included a recent resignation from a math teacher and a significant vote of no confidence of the principal at University High in April by UHS Staff.

Sam Mathers, a University High Senior and Student Body Secretary, gave some insight on what the students wanted to express from speaking in front of the BOE.

“So we wanted to settle this in the most diplomatic manner, we know that there is a vote of no confidence and we know that a conflict is present and so we decided to bring it to the board,” said University High School senior Sam Mathers.

The students also spoke about what they hope can happen by addressing the Board of Education directly.

“We request that they look into it and investigate the source of this, rather than relying and reacting to the rumors that have been spread,” added Mathers, the secretary of the student body.

Board of Education member Ron Lytle spoke about the students’ presentations.

“Each individual one was positive; they were really looking for a positive change to happen at University High School.”

University High School student body president Robert Warner and his peers say personal feelings regarding the principal isn’t their concern.

“A large majority of students at the school aren’t interested in the many rumors that have been going around, even with the vote of no confidence; they’re more interested in retaining the incredible teachers we have at University High School.”

Former Preston County Schools administrator Dr. Bill Rosier will work as a consultant with the district to decipher fact from rumor and address ways to better relationships at University High.