Updated: Morgantown business vandalized, owner calls it a ‘hate crime’

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The owner of Sandwich U, at 708 Beechurst Avenue in Morgantown says vandals don’t like his political beliefs. Vandals threw a rock through a window that had a Trump 2020 sign, the owner is referring to the act as a “hate crime.”

“It’s a hooded male and the police have the video,” The Owner said,” He comes to the front window and throws two rocks, doesn’t break the first window, but breaks the second window and takes off running.”

The owner said he is of Middle Eastern descent and values his freedom of choice.

“We have a diverse staff and I’m Middle Eastern by descent, but because of my support for Trump we get all this hate,” The Owner said.

The owner has lived and operated his business in Morgantown for many years and the attack raises serious concerns about the community.

“I’m American-Lebanese and I’ve been in Morgantown for 15 years now running my sandwich shop and I’ve had my share of issues with students and crazy customers,” The owner said,” But, this is a little crazy because of our support of a sitting president.”

Police say the act was caught on video surveillance and there is a $500 reward for information leading the arrest of the suspect.

“My staff stands behind me, they know I’m not a racist,” The owner said,” But, it’s really woken them to the reality of- we’re just in here doing our job, but we can’t support Trump, it’s crazy.”

With Lebanese roots, the owner says he’s vary familiar with factions and even people within the same family having very different view points, so vigorous is quite common.

“My son’s godfather actually hates Trump with a passion, but we’re still friends,” The owner said,” To come bash my window, threaten my business and go on Google and leave these reviews that can’t be taken down, calling us racist is just completely absurd.”

The owner says he plans to put a larger sign in the window soon.