OD investigation leads to drug, neglect arrests in Elkins

ELKINS, W.Va. – An overdose investigation in Elkins resulted in the discovery of four children living in filthy conditions amid drugs and paraphernalia.

On December 18, members of the West Virginia State Police made contact with Sabrina White about a suspected unresponsive woman and noticed signs of drug abuse in the home.

Troopers said two bags of suspected methamphetamine and two other bags of a white powdery substance suspected to be fentanyl were found in White’s purse. White was then placed into custody.

While rendering aid to the unresponsive female trooper, they knelt down in what appeared to be dog feces throughout the home. Additionally, troopers said they were then overwhelmed with the smell and filth.

Troopers then found four children living in the house in urine-covered make-shift beds in rooms cluttered with moldy food, dirty dishes, and more animal feces.

Troopers also found the bathtub filled with dirty water and containing cockroaches. In the kitchen, troopers found more feces on the floor and dishes that appeared to have been there for months. Also, more cockroaches were found sitting on a turtle shell in a cage with dirty water.

The children were taken by CPS, and a warrant was issued for the other guardian of the children, Wilson Ross, 42.

Ross is charged with gross child neglect and is being held in lieu of a $50,000 cash-only bond.

White is charged with possession and delivery of controlled substances and is being held on a $3,000 cash-only bond.

Both are being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.