President Gee meets with students Tuesday

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – In the wake of two shooting in less than 24-hours WVU students were invited to the Mountainlair for an edition of Behind the Bow Tie.

Douglas Soule is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Athenaeum and moderator of the event says the events have shocked students and put reporters on the front line.

“On Friday morning our team of student journalists covered the death of a fellow student,”Soule said,”That’s always especially difficult to do.”

Out-of-state student Iila Brown echoed the concerns of many over the last few days.

“Definitely here with the recent shootings it kind of makes me very on edge about going out just to like a club meeting at night,”Brown said,”It makes me a little antsy.”

Soule says parents have expressed concerns, in some cases more than the students.

“My mom I don’t think has heard about all the shootings, but she might have heard of one,”Brown said,”I feel like if I told her everything she would be more on edge.”

This story will be updated.