Senior Monongalians works through COVID-19 adversity

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Several local organizations across North Central West Virginia are making adjustment to their services in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Among those remaining in operation, include Senior Monongalians who are working to continue as many services as possible as non-essential services continue to stay shut down as a result of government order. This includes any home health aid services and any direct personal services considered essential.

“We have suspended all non-essential services here at the center, but we are open,” said Senior Monongalians Front Office Supervisor Debbie Clarke. “In case any senior has an emergency and has to come here to the center, for housing or whatever that might be,” she said.

The stay-at-home orders that have included business shutdowns have been in effect since mid-March in West Virginia. As a result, this has lead to an increase in deliveries and home services that are needing to take place for Senior Mons. According to Clarke, deliveries have been increasing from the seventy-five food deliveries that are normally made daily.

“We’ve probably received an increase of about ten to fifteen and the calls just continue everyday,” she said. “Both from seniors who are concerned and family members who are concerned,” she said.

While tending to an extra amount of seniors via home visits as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, volunteers from across the region have made efforts to make sure Senior Mons continues to operate to the best of it’s abilities. According to Clarke, representatives from Stonebridge Baptist Church and other volunteers have done deep cleanings to their kitchen and library with other areas of their facilities expected to be addressed in the near future.

“We’ve had other individuals offer to come in and deep clean some of our other areas but we’ve not been able to make that connection to get that done yet,” she said.

As more clarity continues to be discovered over the COVID-19, several services will continue to remain on hold as more developments are made during the outbreak. Even though there is a level of uncertainty in regards to what will remain open but Clarke is stating that until something drastic changes, any in home services provided by Senior Monongalians will continue.

“We’re planning on being here everyday to answer any questions that seniors or their families might have,’ she said.