Sigma Nu fraternity members clean Spruce Street after last week’s party

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A group of about 15 students spent part of their Sunday cleaning Spruce Street, which was left trashed following Friday’s impromptu snow day party-turned-riot.

“We looked up the road and saw all the garbage,” President of Sigma Nu Frank DuMond said. “No one should have to look at that.”

About 15 brothers from Sigma Nu started cleaning in front of their chapter house, near the bottom of the hill at the intersection of Spruce and Prospect streets, about 1 p.m., DuMond said.

He said some of Sigma Nu’s brothers went out and enjoyed the Spruce Street party on Friday and cleaning up was a responsible thing to do and a great way to help the community.

“We felt it was our responsibility to go out and clean up and help out our community,” DuMond said.

The brothers worked their way up to the top of Spruce, sweeping, shoveling snow piles from the road and picking up trash along the way. DuMond said they made sure to sweep up the broken glass on the sidewalks and road so dogs and people don’t get injured.

“I am very pleased and impressed that the Brothers of Sigma Nu took initiative to clean up their neighborhood,” WVU’s Director of Greek Life Matthew Richardson said. “Which is so often the case in fraternity and sorority life, the actions of a few have the potential to reflect poorly on the entire community; yet, in this instance, the reaction of the men of Sigma Nu shows the commitment to our university-affiliated members of the Interfraternity Council have to our campus and community.”

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