Subdivision rules proposed in Mon County

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Monongalia County commissioners are advancing a plan to enact subdivision regulations.

Subdivision regulations are designed to guarantee safe and adequate streets, utilities, drainage, entrance and exits. They are a standards used by developers to construct developments that conform to county regulations.

Variances are still possible for areas were terrain or circumstances make compliance too costly or not practical.

Monongalia County director of planning Andrew Gast-Bray said,”Patterns for roads, ect in Monongalia County are struggling under the load of new development, which is a good thing, but we’ve also identified that infrastructure is inadequate, we’ve been struggling with storm water issues and washouts.”

Commissioner Tom Bloom says the standard rules will be good for development.

Bloom said,”For all of those developers that do it correctly and then hear concerns from those who don’t follow the rules. This way, everyone will be treated equally and everyone knows the form.”

Beginning in October, the commission is planning to hold public meetings with the hope of having a draft final plan by the end of November. If adopted, the rules could take effect in March of 2020.