Certificate of need for new Mon Health Fairmont location approved

FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The certificate of need for Mon Health Marion Neighborhood Hospital Inc. has been approved to offer inpatient and outpatient services, in addition to emergency procedures.

President and CEO David Goldberg says Mon Health Systems already owns land in the Technology Park where the building will be built.

“Our planning begins with development, construction planning-all the type of planning you do to build a new building and program,” Goldberg said,”Now the clock starts ticking and we’re excited.”

Now that the certificate is approved Goldberg says many important tasks will begin simultaneously.

“We expect to have a ground breaking within the next few months,” Goldberg said,”We have to chose development personnel and colleagues to be able to build it, all the bidding processes.”

David Goldberg, Mon Health System’s president and CEO, said the proposal is a “perfect solution” following Alecto Healthcare Services’ decision to close Fairmont Regional Medical Center in February.

“Peoples’ trust is important to me and when we say we’re going to do something we do it,”Goldberg said,”I want to make sure the community hears loud and clear-our sole goal is to make sure hospital-based services are made available for those who need it close to home.”

Goldberg says wherever possible local and community workers, services and products will be used.

“We’re going to use West Virginia providers to help us build our building,” Goldberg said,”We’re going to put out RFPs for everything we need to do to keep the economic development from local providers here in West Virginia.”

Goldberg added the certificate of need was received slightly ahead of schedule and thanked Gov. Jim Justice and DHHR staff that quickly acted on their request.

“It’s about a $20 million project,” Goldberg said,”It’ll have 10 medical beds and a full service emergency room, cat scanner, other radiology services and lab services. Everyhthing you would find in a medical hospital you’ll find on this site.”

The estimated time for construction is 14 to 16 months.