Fairmont State University officially opens a new decade

FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The students, faculty and staff gathered on the Fairmont State University campus to set the tone for the new school year.

President Mirta Martin told the gathering the work to develop and strengthen the “high-touch” engaged approach to teaching.

“Fairmont State University continues to provide the quality, superb education that our students need and that our state and our nation deserve,” Martin told WAJR News.

Martin says the goal will be accomplished by offering unique programs taught by exceptional staff professionals at affordable tuition rates.

“Our plan is to be able to push out our flagship programs,” Martin said,”Programs that are not just unique to Fairmont State University, but are unique to the state and the region.”

Martin specifically mentioned the future police training program, the top nursing school in the state and the only multi-engine flight training program in the state.

When Martin took over in 2018 the college was $2.8 million in debt, now the school has a positive cash reserve of $1.9 million. So, talks of funding cuts from the West Virginia Higher Education have her concerned.

“Any cut, whatever amount impacts the operation of the university and ultimately our students,” Martin said.

Martin says she will be watching as the legislature unfolds.

“Looking forward to hearing the State-of-the-State from the governor,”Martin said,”I understand from legislators the session will focus on high education but the specific agenda is yet to be known.”

Martin signed a new three year contract in the fall of 2019.