Myrtle Beach officials urge beach goers to exercise personal responsibility

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – As areas blame COVID-19 outbreaks on Myrtle Beach travel officials there say it’s all proof the virus has not left us and personal responsibility is an important part of staying healthy.

Outbreaks documented in Berkeley, Cabell, Fayette, Preston, Kanawha, Putnam, Greenbrier and Mercer Counties have Governor Jim Justice urging people to think twice about traveling there, and if you do get tested when you return.

Myrtle Beach public information officer Mark Kruea says they have given instructions to hospitality workers, placed signs encouraging masks and social distancing and used the local media to repeat message, over and over.

“One of the questions we have is are the visitors from other states practicing safe social distancing, were they wearing masks when they were here?”Kruea said,”We’re certainly recommending that, not just for our residents but for our staff and industries.”

Kruea says despite the messages across multiple platforms to follow the guidelines media surveys show beach goers are not exercising personal responsibility.

“The local news media has certainly done some surveys on who’s wearing a mask and they found very few people are apparently wearing a mask,”Kruea said,”They’re doing that on our touristy destinations, on boulevard and places like that.”

Kruea acknowledges that the area is considered a hot spot, state health officials in South Carolina say coronavirus cases grew by 125 on Thursday, June 25.

“It’s a good wake up call that this illness is not over yet, we have not licked COVID yet,”Kruea,”Everybody needs to continue those healthy things we’ve been recommending for the last four months.”