Stonerise launches COVID-19 transparency dashboard

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia nursing home facilities are working all avenues to stay up-to-date during the COVID-19 outbreak.

With the virus proving to be more dangerous to elderly people, efforts to prevent or contain any potential outbreaks are being taken as well as efforts to inform families about what is going on. In the case of Stonerise Healthcare, they’re trying to do both as they are updating patients, residents and their loved ones about what’s going on with a daily dashboard.

“We decided early on to be as transparent as possible during this crisis,” said Stonerise Healthcare CEO Larry Pack. “We believe that our families, our patients and our communities deserve to have the information as to how that crisis is impacting our centers,” he said.

Stonerise Healthcare is using the dashboard to give updates on all of their facilities across West Virginia during the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes updates on the amount of testing that has taken place in each of the facilities, who has tested positive and the status of those people as well. According to Pack, the numbers are updated on a daily basis so no one feels like they’re left out of the loop.

“It has it’s list of each center, if it was yellow that meant that we didn’t have any issues at all regarding COVID-19, if it was read, it meant that we did,” he said.

Of their 17 facilities in West Virginia, only one has been found to have patients tested positive for COVID-19. At Eastbrook Center in Charleston, 15 of the 113 patients who have been tested were confirmed to have the virus which in turn has lead to several measures taken by Stonerise. This has included self-isolation of the facility, expanded testing and several other protocol to insure that the outbreak is contained and patients are served the best way possible.

“We’re making sure that all of our people have that information and are following the appropriate protocols put forth by the CDC,” he said.

West Virginia itself, is still trying to find it’s way in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. While not as affected as other states across the country, efforts to contain the virus as more cases become confirmed continue statewide. This includes executive orders by Governor Jim Justice which will expand testing to all senior care facilities across West Virginia including ones owned by Stonerise. In the meantime, it remains a play-it-safe, up-to-date while keeping your ear to the ground situation as test results continue to be confirmed.

“We’re anticipating those numbers, planning to get those results, an once we get the results, we will act accordingly,” said Pack.